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New to Instagram? Wondering what it’s all about?

The short answer: It’s where all the visual media is! Think of it as the lens through which you can see what the modern world looks like. Instagram is the home of the image! Now, the long answer. Instagram or Insta is one of the most well known social media platforms. Developed in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger for the iOS (an Android version became available a year later) it quickly hit the million user mark in a month. Right now, it has a billion active users. In 2012, Instagram was acquired by Facebook for a cool $1 billion. It is widely used for sharing photos and videos which can be edited using its unique filters and organized by hashtags. You can also include geo-location information. No wonders, Instagram is a treasure trove of visual content. And is the magic wand you need to make all this treasure your own. More on the tool later. In 2015 Instagram added a new feature known as Stories which allows users to post related content consisting of images and videos as a slideshow. A ‘story’ remains active for 24 hours. The Stories feature is used daily by 500 million users. Besides, Instagram has also integrated messaging function into the application, which makes it possible for users to quickly chat with friends while viewing the latest pictures of their favorite celebs.

What Makes Instagram So Popular?

It is for celebrities what Twitter is for politicians. There is no better way to reach out to millions of fans instantly with photos of parties, galas, red carpet events, holidays, or even short announcements than through Insta posts. From literally the day of its launch, Instagram aimed for the stratosphere. Launched at the end of 2010, it saw 150 million photos uploaded by the end of the first year. In 2011 it was voted iPhone App of the Year. One of the first celebs to join Instagram was Justin Bieber in mid-2011. The boy celeb was at the height of his career, and millions of his fans signed up overnight for Instagram. Before he joined Instagram had 5 million users, and two months after he joined that figure doubled! Oddly enough, the huge number of teen girl fans that Bieber brought to Instagram is a demographic skew that remains to this day. After the first few years of grand success until 2009, Facebook was becoming a little long in the tooth with its staid blue background. The platform did not even have a decent app until about 2011. Instagram filled this void. Other celebs and athletes soon followed Bieber, and by 2012 if you wanted to find the latest pictures of Arianna Grande or Kim K, you went to Instagram and not Facebook or Twitter. There was no possibility of running into your uncle posting pictures of his fishing trips in Montana on Instagram, and it swiftly emerged as a colorful, hip, happening safe space for teens and young adults to express themselves. The selfie generation lapped up the adulation that they received on Instagram. With females outnumbering males, two to one, Instagram was the place to go to for receiving attention and boosting self-worth through few selfies that had been run through filters. Want to see what’s so special about celeb profiles on Insta? Go ahead, download it all with

Influencer Marketing

The generation born post-1990 is also the first to yield to influencer marketing. Celebs have always succeeded in selling and endorsing, but those were plain old fashioned ads like Brooke Shields modeling for Calvin Klein Jeans or Bob Hope selling Cannon Mills bed sheets. Influencer marketing is a different beast altogether. Selena Gomez wearing an Adidas Neo top and mentioning #MyNeoShoot gained Adidas huge mileage that would have been impossible through print or television. Even other social media platforms would have found it a hard act to follow. While there is influencer marketing on Facebook too, Instagram is the place to go to if you want to carry out guerilla marketing aimed at teens and young adults. This has been a positive feedback cycle with celebs, followers, companies engaging each other on Instagram for the past 8 years. At least 20 million businesses worldwide use Instagram, and over 200 million users follow at least one a business account. This has made the platform a gold mine for social media marketing professionals, and this also makes a must have tool for every digital marketer.

How To Download Instagram Display Pictures?

Have you ever tried to click on the display picture of any celeb or friend on Instagram? Unlike most sites, you would not be able to open a full-sized view of the display picture. This is quite disappointing. How do you see a display picture in full size? Instagram has put some limitations about what you can do with the contents hosted on the site. You are unable to see a full-sized picture of the user and you cannot right-click and download any picture they uploaded. Since Instagram is full of lovely pictures, this is quite a problem. But there is no need to be frustrated. Your answer - is a versatile online tool that lets you visit any account and download all the pictures in a few seconds. You are even able to search for private accounts that are hidden from prying eyes of normal viewers.

How Does instaDP Work?

As easy as 1-2-3.

  • Visit and search for the user name.
  • Find the picture you want to download (including the display image).
  • Click the Download button and save to the folder you want.

It is that easy to save images and stories using! There is no content on Instagram that is out of your grasp anymore. is completely free to use and has no restrictions. Use it as many times as you want every day, and there will never be any cost. Is there a better way to have access to several million photos?

The Fascinating Technology of

Usually, on any site, including Facebook, you can right-click an image and save it. But try it on Instagram. You would find it does not allow you to save. You have to go to Page Info and find the media and then save it. Since a webpage consists of hundreds of lines of code, this is not easy to do at all. That is why inspects the page on your behalf and extracts the images as a jpeg for you to save. This is a nifty and extraordinary way to extract any Instagram image and view it at your leisure. This has been possible due to the development of unique web tools that can search the Instagram database swiftly and download on your behalf.

Why Is So Special?

The brilliance of this web tool is how easily it allows you to extract images, display pictures, and videos from Instagram. There is no lack of similar sites and apps, most of them laden with malware. And those that truly try to help, are sadly not able to deliver what they promise. brings you the most remarkable quality images for use on your blogs and sites and even for personal collection. Bypass any barrier imposed by Instagram and download the picture of the celebrity (or friend) you secretly have a crush on, with one click. With a single click, anything that has been shared on Instagram will be with you forever. If the user deletes it, there is no problem since you have it stored on your hard drive.

The Go-To Tool For Digital Marketers

Images break the monotony of content. But where do you find images easily? If you want to write about a product or a celebrity, how do you locate high-resolution images? is the best tool that digital marketers have at their disposal. Pictures and visual elements are needed to spice up any story. Free images and stock photos only work to a certain extent. Not every image speaks a thousand words. Free stock photos do not add extra value to any blog post and are vague about what they relate to. Excellent images lend to the structure of the content and make it more appealing. As a digital marketer, you have to hold the attention of the visitor. It is very well known that an average user stays on a site for less than 30 seconds. You have only that much time to get him interested in the content. How do you do it? Just use to extract images from Instagram and use it. Of course, do not forget to give full credit to the owner. Visuals are a crucial part of building brands. Your task is to create an attractive digital persona that gets an instant recall. The human brain can process images thousands of times faster than text. The perfect image from Instagram can complement the text content of the blog and make the post memorable. We react to visual content with more intimacy than we do with the written word. That is why you remember magnificent examples of photojournalism long after you have forgotten what you read in the newspaper the next day. Use to give the content you produced the added edge that makes it special and unforgettable.

Essential For Designers

The rise of digital media has revolutionized the way we approach fashion. It has created great opportunities for designers too. Where else will you find stimulus for design if not for the tens of thousands of images of wedding gowns, cocktail dress, evening gowns, A-line skirts, and party dresses on Instagram? This is not to imply that you can mimic a famed designer. But draw your cues from the world’s best designers and red carpet events. Instagram gives you a peek into the world of haute couture as well as daily fashion like nothing else does. Of course, once you have seen them, you need several hours to find your idea. That is why it is best if you download all the images and Stories that you find fascinating using Go over any collection at your own pace. It does not matter how long it takes. Allow the obscure ideas in your mind to slowly morph into shape as you create the next great classic. Follow the designers whose work you like and pour over every image. Understand their niche to find your own. With instaDP at your disposal, you are clicks away from downloading a world of inspirational images!

Instagram For All Creatives

Instagram has become a hotbed of activity for all kinds of creative people - from designers to illustrators, and artists of every genre from Boho to Goth and everything in between. The nature of the site is such that it frees you from the boundaries that society has imposed. Indeed it has revolutionized the art world and through it all others who have a creative pursuit. If you are an interior designer trying to find what is the perfect design for the morning room of a Tudor style home, head over to Instagram. It is perhaps the world’s largest repository of architectural photographs. The fact that it is easily searchable using hashtags makes it a handy tool in your arsenal. Use to download and save on your hard drive all the images that excite you. Allow your creative impulse to be set free and find a style that is your very own. Best of all, even if the image is deleted, it does not matter since you have a copy.

Go Ahead, Download The Visual Treasure

Everyone has a use for Instagram if they are doing design or creative work. The sole problem was how to quickly download the images and store them and access them later. Thanks to, there is now no such barrier, and you are free to seek out and save the image forever.