Find And Download Instagram Profile Pictures, Videos, Stories, Photos, Reels and Stories Highlights Fast and Easily

InstaDP - Downloader Tools for Instagram

InstaDP is a free all-in-one tool that helps you download Instagram content including Instagram profile pictures, videos, reels, stories, stories highlights and many more. InstaDP works online without any installation, so you can download all Instagram content quickly and easily in just a few clicks.


What is InstaDP?

Instagarm is a major social network with over 2 billion monthly active users. A great deal of artists, idols, and celebrities use Instagram to attract their fans.

The content uploaded to Instagram is public and free to access, however the platform does not give users the option to download and save it to their devices. InstaDP was created to solve this problem, as it allows you to download all HD quality Instagram content such as Instagram profile pictures, videos, reels, stories, and highlight stories. It’s fast, easy and completely free.

What can InstaDP do?

Instagram Profile Picture Downloader: View and download profile pictures of any Instagram accounts.

Instagram Photos Downloader: View and download HD quality Instagram photos.

Instagram Videos Downloader: Watch and download high-quality Instagram videos without mute.

Instagram Reels Downloader: Watch and download Instagram reels (Instagram short videos).

Instagram Stories Downloader: View and download stories from any Instagram account.

Instagram Stories Highlights Downloader: View and download Instagram stories highlights.

How to use InstaDP?

  • Visit ""
  • Select the Item you need to download
  • Enter Instagram username or URL then press "GET"
  • View results and "Download" to your device.

Is InstaDP legal?

The website does not require login and does not use cookies.

It is perfectly legal to use InstaDP. All public content on Instagram is free for everyone to access. So you will never be banned from using InstaDP.

Do I need to download and install any software to use InstaDP?

You don't need to download and install any software. InstaDP works completely online.

Is InstaDP paid or free?

Our tool is completely free. If you have any sponsorship offers, please email us at [email protected]