The 7 Mistakes Instagram Wannabes Make, and What to do Instead

Instagram has over 1 billion active users, and over 37% of the world's population is on social media right now! So, it is a grand opportunity to test your luck at being famous, right?

To find that answer, we need to dig deeper to find the difference between dedicated Instagram bloggers cum influencers and the wannabe Insta-users.

The Instagram influencers put in considerable work to make their Instagram grid look appealing.

On the other hand, the wannabe users post one photo in a couple of weeks, barely care about trending hashtags, use random filters, and complain about not receiving enough views and followers.

So what are the things that the pro-Insta users do differently from the wannabe Instagrammers?

Here is the ultimate list of mistakes every wannabe Instagrammer makes and what you should do instead –

1. Insta-rookies never pay their bios enough attention

When you first joined Instagram a couple of years ago, maybe it was enough to upload a simple bio with your website address, podcast link, and blog link.

Well, that's just not enough to attract new followers anymore. If you want people to show genuine interest in your profile, images, and products, you need a new bio.

Try including emojis in your bio. Believe it or not, even emojis can be trending. Pick slim and easily relatable emojis. You can use them to represent your hobbies – use headphones or musical notes for music as a hobby, or use your star sign in place of personality traits.

2. Newbies post random images that look "pretty."

It is true! Beautiful pictures attract more views and likes, but Instagram users are typically very picky. They only like pictures belonging to specific themes, and the theme trend changes throughout the year.

The ideal way is to pick a content strategy and to stick to it. You can choose a celebrity profile that you idolize on Instagram and learn about his or her content strategy.

You can download all the images your favorite Instagram influencer posts on the app using This tool enables you to download individual pictures, including display images for your marketing analysis.

3. Wannabe Instagrammers don’t know how to connect with their followers

Wannabe users rarely take the time to respond to comments on their images or tag dedicated followers to new posts. The lack of engagement can cost dearly in terms of new followers and reach.

When you get new followers, think about sending them a DM. The rule of thumb is quite simple – if you desire one DM, leave 10 DMs for your followers. The same holds true for comments. You cannot expect individual Instagrammers to follow you if you do not offer comments, follow, or likes in return.

4. Casual users don’t invest time in perfecting their Insta profile

The wannabe Instagrammers don't have enough time to run A/B tests on their content. They don't know how they can maximize their reach through their Instagram profiles.

Unless you are posting at least once per day, you are way off the game here.

Check your DM twice a day, leave replies to legit comments on your feed, and share at least one story every three to four days. Set a reminder and construct a to-do list if you are new in the influencer game.

5. Fake Instagram stars buy followers

Wannabe influencers on Instagram often try to take the shortcut to success by purchasing followers and likes.

Sadly, most of these “followers” turn out to be inactive accounts and bots. So it does little good for the wannabe Instagrammers.

Real social media influencers rake up over 100,000 followers within a couple of months purely by strategizing their content according to the market demand.

6. An Insta-poser does not take account of past failures

It is essential to look back to learn from one's mistakes. However, the wannabe Instagrammer does not have the time or opportunity to look back at his or her faux pas.

Almost all successful influencers take time to consider their past mistakes. The larger-than-life social media influencers even have their dedicated marketing team looking after feed stats.

That goes on to show how vital past Instagram feed activities can be to determine your future success.

7. Instagram wannabes rarely spend time to explore carousel video, Instagram Stories, and Boomerang

Most wannabes are serial posers. Some among them take a couple of seconds to post Instagram stories from parties and vacations. Finding value-adding content from them in captivating formats like Boomerang or Carousel Videos is impossible.

Influencers always try to remain in sync with public demand and follow the latest trends.

Create short videos for your feed, Instagram stories, and exclusive behind-the-scene photoshoots for funny Boomerangs. Invest your time in creating diverse content types.

Becoming an Instagram star is not so difficult. Keep in mind to not spread yourself too thin and to find a content strategy that fits your bill. As long as you are original and your posts are authentic, you can expect the trending hashtags to bring in oodles of followers and likes.

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