Make Your Instagram Profile More Popular - 10 Amazing Ideas

Instagram has a billion monthly users. With so many profiles on this app, it can be hard to stand out. Everyone wants to be famous; after all, who wouldn’t enjoy the attention, the likes, and the heartfelt comments on every post? But, trying to become famous on Instagram is no easy task, unless you know exactly how to do it.

Make Your Instagram Profile More Popular - 10 Amazing Ideas - - Instagram Photo Downloader

Looking For Ideas?

Instagram is all about innovation and creativity. To be popular, you need to be creative and exclusive. You need to be able to provide your audience with something they will not get somewhere else. Hence, it can be easy to run out of ideas! With the following list, you will be able to get inspired. With these ideas, you can put a personal spin on them to help them stand out even more! So, here they are:

Make Your Instagram Profile More Popular - 10 Amazing Ideas - - Instagram Photo Downloader

1. Develop Your Style:

We have already established that everyone wants to be famous. But the question of what they want to receive recognition for can be a bit trickier to answer. When you are starting on your journey, it is essential to know what you want to be famous for. Whether you want recognition for showing our creative side, your lifestyle, your photography skills, or anything that you can think of. If you can present it interestingly, you can use it as your claim to fame.

2. Explore A Variety Of Hashtag:

Look up the popular hashtags which are relevant to your content. Even if they have only a remote connection to your feed, make sure you use them. By using hashtags smartly, you can increase the exposure of your profile, and get noticed by more people track your progress with different hashtags so that you can narrow it down to the ones which work the best for you.


Everyone gets there inspiration from somewhere, and by putting their twist on it, they can create an innovative product. Pinterest is famous for getting inspiration, but Instagram has its fair share of beautiful pictures too.

However, the issue with Instagram is that unlike with other social media sites you cannot save the images that you see on Instagram. Instagram has such stringent limitations on how pictures on their platform are used that they do not even allow users to be able to see someone’s profile picture in an enlarged form.

Since Instagram is a website where you share mainly images, it can be frustrating when you like an image, but cannot save it anywhere else. Well, that is about to change. This nifty tool helps you to be able to save pictures from Instagram easily and allows you to be able to save your inspiration to peruse at a later date.

4. Creating Your Hashtag:

Hashtags are a big deal on any social media platform, but even more so on Instagram. Hashtags are the way that you can promote your profile. Once your profile has gained a little traction, you can create your own unique hashtag o help boost your popularity.

5. Your Bio:

Many overlook their Bio, which can be a significant error. By making your Bio captivating and engaging, you can ensure that people spend a longer amount of time on your profile. You can use emojis, or quotes to add some spice to your Bio, and if you have a link that you want to promote, adding it to your Bio will help. Do not overthink it, keep it short and straightforward, and you will excel!

6. Set A Theme:

You do not want to be just another face in the crowd! Your theme should fit your content, but should not be too typical. If you are an artist, then you may decide to post only black and white pictures in a row, and then switch to color for the next three photos, which helps create an alternating pattern. Or, you may only stick to pencil drawings for your profile. Coming up with unique themes will lend exclusivity to your profile

7. Story Ideas:

The story features on Instagram can boost your popularity. By coming up with unique ideas for your story, you can ensure more and more people tune in. Brands create how-to videos in the form of a story, and many influencers use the story feature to act as a Q & A session.

Instagram Story Ideas - - Instagram Photo Downloader

8. Selfies:

When you are trying to build a brand for yourself (rather than a company), selfies are a must. Taking selfies is an art form, and you may not excel at it in the first go, but makes sure that you keep at it.

9. Shoutouts!

If you have gained a fair number of followers, then shoutouts can be a great way of exposing yourself to more accounts. A shoutout is when another user tags you in a post or a caption. It essentially exposes their audience to your profile, and more users can find out and then follow your profile if they like it!

Instagram Shoutouts- - Instagram Photo Downloader

10. Boomerangs:

Boomerangs are great to create short and sweet content. Video content is popular among users, and a boomerang is the most succinct video content that you can get on Instagram. Hence, it keeps your audience engaged for some time and allows them to see what you want them to see. With creative boomerangs, you can boost your profile.

Getting the attention that you want on Instagram can be challenging. People that are the Insta Stars of today took years to get to this spot. Thankfully, you can follow their journey and look at what they did right to help boost your way!