How to Make Your Instagram Profile Unique and Different?

A billion active users and 200 million daily users are what sets Instagram apart from other social media. In user numbers, it may compare to its parent Facebook, but the comparison ends there. Facebook has clearly been deserted by those under 35. Yes, everyone has a profile there, but they don’t actively engage in using it.

If you are running a business, it is essential that you make Instagram a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Not only will you be joining millions of other businesses, but you have to craft a plan to stand out. Yes, the Instagram pie is enormous, but you also want a large slice, not crumbs, and leftovers.

How to craft an Instagram business profile that is going to be appealing and different? We tell you all the secrets.

1. Write a great bio:

Impressions are formed in the blink of an eye. Literally so. There are thousands of brands out there vying for the same eyeballs and dollars.

You have, at most, a few seconds to make a good impression on a potential customer. Where do you start? With an impressive bio, of course.

Your bio deserves a lot of attention and care. Craft it to appeal to your target demographic perfectly. The message should resonate with your users as well as represent the brand.

The bio should contain essential information about the brand, about your values as an organization, and what is your unique selling point.

Basically, it will try to state why to choose your brand over others.

2. Link to your site:

An Instagram bio is the only place where you can place a link. You can use this to your advantage.

Use this link to drive traffic to your website home page.

Another innovative way would be to drive traffic to a page on your site that offers exclusive discounts to rope in new clients.

You could also link it to your blog site where you share unique content. Organic traffic generated this way is good for the SEO of your website.

3. Use a superb display image:

Your display image may be of your logo. But it does not need to be. If you can think of something fun and wacky, go ahead and make it your display image.

But how do you get a fabulous Instagram display image? One of the problems of Instagram is that it is complicated to download pictures from it. There is no way to download the image using your browser to your desktop.

That is why a fantastic tool called has become so popular. Just paste into the site any Instagram page URL and download images safely with no worry at all. It allows you to download images in high resolution and reuse them as you please.

Using is a fun way to get creative with the Instagram profile image. A good display image goes a long way to bring in new followers.

4. Choose a great username:

The username or handle, as it is known, is an essential part of your brand’s online persona. You have to create one that is easily recognizable and can be searched without running into rival businesses.

Test the username by logging out of the platform and performing a search of that username to make sure that only you would be using it.

5. Select the correct business category:

This may not sound much, but it matters. If you are in the health business, you do not want to appear as a hospitality provider.

The category that you select tells your users much about you, such as if you are running a restaurant or a spa. This means fewer words wasted in the bio. Since the bio only offers 150 characters, you have to be careful about how you use it.

6. Contact information:

You can add a phone number and email address to the Instagram profile. It will allow your clients to reach you quickly if they have a query.

Make sure that you add a business phone number and not a personal one. It will, of course, be checked by Instagram and verified.

7. Use emojis:

The new generation talks using emojis. Save characters in the bio by using emojis where possible. Recently Instagram has also made it possible to add hashtags to a bio.

In summary, make the bio short but sweet. The fields include your name, user name, website address, email address, phone, and bio.

Make the bio as contemporary and relevant as possible.


Your profile must be as captivating as possible. Use an excellent profile picture to attract Instagram users to your page.

The principal objective is to showcase your brand’s value and personality. By paying attention to a few key elements, you can be assured that users will spend more than a blink of an eye on your page and visit it time and again.