How to Get More Instagram Post Ideas: 6 Things That Work

Are you struggling to come up with new Instagram post ideas? We can feel you. The truth is, it can happen to even the best social media marketers.

In today’s world, interacting with your audience is more critical than ever. You have to consistently engage with new posts, ideas, and events to grow your brand. This is the only way to sustain the brand-loyalty. And Instagram is the best medium to accomplish that.

However, it can get difficult at times to come up with ideas for Instagram posts. You’ve exhausted every single idea. Now what? In this article, we’re going to discuss 6 amazing Instagram post ideas that actually work and how to use them to never run out of ideas.

So, brace yourself, take the seat belt on, and get ready for the ride. Here we go...

1. Use Special Holidays

Is there any special holiday today or tomorrow? Then why don’t you post about it?

Special holidays are one of the easiest ways to come up with unique post ideas. And thanks to the increased traffic on any special holidays or trends like #WCW, your posts will get a lot of impressions .

No matter what your market your currently in, there is always a special holiday for every industry. Are you a pet supply shop? Then use #NationalPetDay and get the best out of it.

Big brands usually use these special holidays to come up with Instagram posts, and they reach a lot of people, which dramatically increases their sales. So, if you’re having trouble with post ideas, try special holidays.

2. Spice Things Up With Behind-The-Scenes

Product launches, great ideas, and flashy things are all good, but they can’t make as much human connection as behind-the-scenes posts.

Here’s the thing. Humans are social beings and we crave genuine connections. People want to see the real side of your company. So, use that as an Instagram post idea.

Post some photos of your team working and having fun together. Add some videos of day-to-day work. Post how your team is celebrating special holidays and occasions and post about your preparation of important upcoming events.

So, if you’re out ideas right now, just post contents about how you work and what your team is doing today. This is what makes genuine connections.

3. Utilize User-generated Content

Nothing screams quality and reliability of your company louder than the user-generated content. If you’re running low on ideas to post on Instagram, then user-generated content is the way to go.

User-generated content allows your customers to engage with your company, and it increases their loyalty. Do you know what else user-generated content does? It builds trust and increases engagement.

When people see real people using your product and being happy about it, they crave it too. They become your followers, then your leads, and after that, they’ll eventually become your customer.

But before posting any user-generated content, make sure you get permission from the original owner to post the content as the content of your company.

However, even when you get permission, you may have to face a lot of troubles before you can use the photo or video. While it’s true that Instagram is a great content sharing app, you may have to go through a lot of problems before getting any particular content. Plus, you can’t download them.

And you wouldn’t want to bother your existing customer just for a photo after you’ve got the permission.

That’s where can help. It’s a great software that you can use to easily any content from Instagram with just one click.

All you have to do is go to the and search for your Instagram profiles there. Find your desired picture and then click on the download button to instantly save it in your desired folder.

4. Post Some Inspiring Quotes

Regardless of your niche or industry, a simple quote or meme will always work and help you get more engagements.

Quotes or simple texts on a photo is a great way to generate interest and reach more people on Instagram. As this is an easy way to express emotions and ideas, people tend to engage with these posts with ease.

It can be funny, serious, or inspiring. As long as you select a great image with a memorable quote or create a high-quality meme, people will keep interacting with your posts. You can use tools like Canva to pull this off.

So, go ahead and inspire your followers.

5. Host A Contest

If you’ve literally exhausted all your post ideas, then it’s a great time to come up with a contest. Although you’ve to go through hours of planning and come out with some kind of promotion, the return of this effort will be huge.

Contests are a great way to grow your engagement and multiply your reach. And if you provide an incentive every time someone likes, comments, and shares your post, then you'll get a lot of engagement for sure. And you can even ask them to tag their friends so you can get more impressions and possibly more followers too.

But to pull it off, you need to have an appropriate prize for the contest and your post should have crystal clear instructions about the steps to enter the contest.

So, don’t miss this opportunity and post a contest.

6. Pets

Everyone loves pets, especially on Instagram. If you use pets or cute animals on your Instagram posts, then the engagement will undoubtedly go up. And according to NewsWhip, your engagement can go up to 295% if you use pets smartly in your posts.

And the best thing is that it will work with any industry. Incorporating pets to your posts shows a more human and lovable side of your company. It works the same way as the “behind the scenes” formula.

Next time, consider using your furry and cute friend for an Instagram post if you run out of ideas.

In the End…

Building trust and constant engagement with your current customers on Instagram is essential. It’ll help you spread your voice to other people while building brand loyalty. However, it can be difficult at times to come up with exciting post ideas to feature on Instagram. Try using special holidays and user-generated content to create great posts. Make sure you run some contest and post quotes once in a while to keep your current followers engaged and reach new people. Show your human side with pets and behind-the-scenes posts. This way, you’ll never run out of ideas for a great Instagram post.

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