How To Generate Post-Worthy Ideas for Instagram Profiles?

If you are crazy about having a good social media presence Instagram is the place to be. There's of course Snapchat and Til Tom, but nothing beats the beauty of Instagram. We all know that pictures are the most visual form of art that grabs the audience's attention in a flick and it works with all kinds of audiences, even those who do not know your language.

However, often, people fail or struggle to generate content that gets maximum audience coverage or views. What one lacks here is not the techs to access Instagram but the skills to get the most out of it.

Although, there's a lot happening in courses that teach people how to manage, maintain and enhance social media presence and mold audience and their opinions, you don't have to spend a semester or two learning them.

All you have to do is use This is one of the most simple, hassle free software that helps you download everything that is there in a profile on Instagram, including profile pictures and statuses. It is a free software that securely downloads all the media in a profile and stores them safely in a folder for your use.

You can study the pictures and posts and learn what went wrong with your posts. It's the easiest and the fastest way to master the tricks of Instagram.

Apart from that, here are a few extra tips that may come in handy next time you try to generate post-worthy ideas for Instagram:

  • Extraordinary way of presenting the ordinary: Yes, as simple as this may sound, it is indeed the toughest to nail. So try to think of a way of showing may be a basic grilled cheese sandwich, without showing the sandwich. Sounds interesting, right?
  • Frame within a frame: Although this is a clichéd style now, what you can do is try to find innovative ways to change the perspective of the viewer. Frame a picture differently and watch it baffle the audience.
  • Focus on aesthetics: Instead of being exact and precise, bringing out the aesthetic beauty of the object can enhance the overall impact of the post. So look for a different style of focusing on the item, write a long post that provides food for thought or give a catchy one liner that steals the show. The choice is all yours.
  • Try associated apps: For instance, try boomerang or the instagrid apps that help rework your Instagram feeds and make it different. You can try new filters, stickers and other such items to do up your regular posts to make them seem different and yet regular. This would definitely intrigue your audience.
  • Draw inspiration from the things around you: Yes as mundane as that may be, there's a lot that the world has to offer that makes for great posts. Look for social issues or concerns that require addressing, art that is unique or something that you have never tried before. Rework your gaze and relook at your surroundings, to create critically creative posts.
  • Recreate old trends: Look for something that can be redone to show creativity and artistic perception. For instance, the henna crowns made for cancer patients to give them hope and strength. That's a reworking of the art of making temporary tattoos using henna in South East Asian communities.
  • Create new trends: Think of the glitter hair colour or the bottle flipping challenge. Creating new trends always helps draw attention and helps in making a post worthy of mass attention.

Instagram is not just to show off what you want to flaunt but also to build a good community of audiences who think similarly. Therefore, apart from the above tips, one can also think of something that one is truly passionate about and try to create posts that cater to that.

If travelling to exotic destinations is your thing, then try capturing those enthralling views in a captivating matter. If you love adventure, try making boomerangs that look as adventurous as the activities you are engaging in. If you love sarcasm, make memes. If writing is your thing, post short poems or tales or crispy one liners.

Instagram is a place for everyone to do everything and be whoever they want to be. All you have to do is begin by downloading the app and creating a profile. The rest of the journey will fall in place once you start. It may seem a bit confusing and not finding a proper audience may be frustrating but one has to find out what works for him or her on their own.

The Internet is a space where trends come and go really fast, so unless you are in it, you cannot understand or regulate the trend yourself.