8 Types Of Instagram Posts To Experiment With

Today the world is a small globe that fits in the palm of our hands and we have every nook and cranny to explore in it.

Our lives are fast, full of explorations and new ideas, with adventures waiting to draw us in. We know a picture speaks a thousand words and so, we travel the world in pictures today. We don't really have time to go through the text, but a short 'hashtag' says it all.

Thus, Instagram is the star of modern day commerce and explorations.

If you want to know what to buy, where to go and how to slay in style, Instagram or Insta is the place to be.

Everything and anything can be found there. The IGTV gives insights into the days and lives of people, the posts tell us where and how things are happening and what demands our attention, the stories are a way to catch up with people's lives before that segment disappears after 24 hours.

Instagram offers two kinds of options one for personal use another for business use. The second works with links that help people purchase all kinds of products whose pictures might enthrall you.

But, what if you want to start your own Instagram feed. You want to begin things in style but you don't know how to do it. Nailing the best kind of posts that make the netizens go crazy is no rocket science.

Here are 8 types of Instagram posts to experiment with:

  • Change your genre of your posts: So if your posts are always about you, change them to cater to food or something else. Post something that your audience is not used to getting from you. In the fast paced era, people tend to get bored with monotony. So if you spice things up or offer something unexpected, the audience is sure to give it their extra attention. So spike their curiosity and nurture their interests.
  • Change the filters or switch up the colour schemes used: The modern audience hates monotony, so in order to keep them interested and intrigued try varying the colour schemes.
  • Work on the background: Yes, believe it or not, the background matters. With the advent of portrait shots and the craze of background blurs. One often feels that backgrounds no longer matter. But you will be surprised as to how significant they are and how they play a subtle role in adding the extra oomph. So find innovative ways to do up your backgrounds.
  • Work with the focus: There are various ways of representing the same thing. For instance, if you want to show a cup of tea, you can click a picture of a cup full of tea, or one with tea dregs or that of a kettle where the tea is being brewed. There are endless possibilities. So try being creative and bring in new perspectives.
  • Create new hashtags: Instagram is not just for the things that are trending but also to create new trends. Creating new hashtags that are socially inclusive or that cater to some issues that are very exact and current help draw the attention of the audience. Remember how models gained popularity by showing off their stretch marks by using the hashtag "loveyourlines", that's exactly it.
  • Provide insights: Instagram exists to grab people's attention and show to the world what you can do or achieve. At the same time, one can get in touch with one's audience by posting snippets from their personal lives providing insights about their life mantras and what keeps them going. Provide a catchy one liner or a long post that tells your audience about your views about a topic.
  • Be interactive: Answer questions frequently asked by your audience or motivate them to ask you questions through your statuses and posts. This helps in creating healthy engagement.
  • Study other Instagram celebrities for inspiration: Often we do all the things we can and yet fail to achieve the desired outcome. We fail to figure out what we lack or what more to out into our feeds so as to get a wider audience. Taking inspiration helps in this regard.

However, considering the fact that Instagram does not allow us to download pictures, videos posted, or statuses how does one study the posts and better his or her feed?

The solution is instadp.io, a very handy tool that lets you download all the contents of a profile free of cost. Be it a profile picture, a status, a video, something to do with IGTV, every single thing that is there on the desired profile can be downloaded safely into a folder without the person ever finding out.

It's a great way to learn how photographers click pictures, how businesses run on Insta; in short, master Instagram like a pro.