7 Superb Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Instagram Brand in 2020

Instagram, owned by Facebook from 2012, is one of the largest social media platforms in 2019, with over a billion active users worldwide.

The users of Instagram or Insta, as it is also known, are from around the world with the leading number of users in the US (170 million) and 70 million each in Brazil and India.

It is impossible for you to avoid such a rich user base if you want to grow your business. Social media is an indispensable tool in digital marketing, and Instagram ranks as the first among equals.

There are 25 million businesses registered on the platform. Almost 70% of users on Instagram follow at least one brand. How can you be one of those businesses that leverage the popularity of this platform? We share some of the most basic strategies that will come in handy.

The Best Instagram Marketing Tips For Your Brand In 2020

1. Make sure you use a business profile:

Ensure that before you begin marketing your brand using Instagram that you are using a business account. Too many business owners start to share about their business from their personal accounts. That is a big mistake.

Not only are you officially registered as a business but also will have access to Instagram Insights, the native analytics tool that is available for free. To fine-tune your marketing strategy, you need access to statistics about user visits and impressions from Insight.

2. Buy paid advertisement :

Besides, a business account allows you to buy Instagram advertisements and promote your business. At least 2 million businesses use this route to gain greater visibility. Consumer surveys have consistently shown that a large percentage of buyers are discovering new brands and products using Instagram.

Keep in mind that not only is it a huge platform, but it is the sibling of Facebook, and your advertisement can be used to target new customers on both platforms. The Facebook ad manager can be used to calibrate your Instagram advertising.

Since Instagram is mostly used on mobile phones, no customer can ignore the full-screen advertisements, both images, and videos, that popup.

3. Use influencers:

Instagram brought in influencers. The influencers have a captive audience, and anything that they do is mimicked by the group. So if you can get an influencer to use your brand, you can be assured that many of his/her fans will do the same.

It is expensive, but you may not choose to use celebrity influencers. If nothing, they allow you to create a dominant niche for your brand.

4. Use other social media in tandem:

If you have fans on Facebook and Twitter, it is easy to share a link so that they also follow you on Instagram.

These followers already rely on your products. They understand your brand and the message.

Use them as a base to launch your Instagram marketing campaign. Use a tool such as Hootsuite that updates all of your social media channels with Instagram posts.

5. Locate the most popular hashtags:

Instagram runs on hashtags. It is an accepted way to discover new posts and images. You have to be able to find the right hashtags for your industry. Look no further than your competition.

There are also several websites that provide the most trending hashtags of the day.

6. Run contests:

Running a good Instagram contest is one of the best ways to get publicity.

It does not matter what your aim is – get more followers, gather leads, generate more revenue. The Instagram contest is the most popular way to get attention to after advertising.

Run contests that are meaningful and allow you to connect with your users in a fun way. Give away discount codes and freebies. It would cost you, but it is a surefire way to generate a user base that is completely loyal and pays attention to your posts.

7. Develop an effective content strategy:

Content is king, as the saying goes. That holds true for Instagram too. Your content has to be attractive, and if you are unable to generate daily posts, it is best to hand it over to professionals.

Over half of Instagram users are women and between ages 18-35. Therefore your editorial strategy must be able to satisfy the needs of that demographic.

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