10 Superb Instagram Apps You Must Know About

Today, Instagram is a social media giant, boasting of 1 billion+ users. Businesses, artists, photographers, or anyone – Instagram allows them to reach out to the world with their messages.

To make your Instagram usage more beneficial, there are several apps on offer. These apps bring you handy features which ensure a highly positive user experience.

1. Afterlight 2:

Instagram Afterlight 2 - Instadp.io - Instagram Photo Downloader

If you want to improve your photo filtering act, you’d need the photo editing app Afterlight 2. They have a massive repertoire of filters which supplement Instagram’s stock, thereby ensuring that extra shine for your photos. You can customize filters to create your style & unique effects. Currently, this app is confined to iOS; so, Android users need an alternative!

2. Snapseed:

Instagram Snapseed - Instadp.io - Instagram Photo Downloader

Snapseed is that alternative – also accessible by iPhone & iPad. It has close to 30 filters, and you can create your personalized ones & save them for later use. There are almost 40 varied styles of texts, which you can use as photo captions. However, you may need to navigate through the app for a while to familiarize yourself with the range of features.

3. VSCO:

Instagram VSCO - Instadp.io - Instagram Photo Downloader

Available on iOS & Android, this is also used for filtering & editing, but what sets it apart from others of its ilk is that its interface is minimum. So that makes it much more spick and span & easy-to-use.

4. Canva:

Instagram Canva - Instadp.io - Instagram Photo Downloader

Looking for an option to make your graphic designing on Instagram easy & attractive? Then opt for Canva. You have the option of designing your graphic or selecting from the layout choices available. You can play around with a large number of images available in Canva by adding, editing or removing them. It also has a range of maps, flow charts & diagrams.

5. PicMonkey:

Instagram PicMonkey - Instadp.io - Instagram Photo Downloader

Organizations often want their photos to have branded elements. PicMonkey works very well for them. Your color palette can be customized, the branded fonts can be stored, and your logo on the file can be made to overlay on the images. Users are delighted with this app, which is available on iOS and Android.

6. Repost For Instagram:

Instagram Repost For Instagram - Instadp.io - Instagram Photo Downloader

You can use this app to curate the images of a customers’ community, once they post user generated content. But while reposting, you can also give them their due credit. So, this feature saves you the trouble of having to be the one always taking the photos you post. If you want to share someone’s Instagram account pictures in your own, you need to copy the share URL of the concerned post and open Repost in your phone. A credit icon gets added on to the image, the description gets copied, and within a few seconds, you can post it in your account.

7. Sprout Social:

Instagram Sprout Social - Instadp.io - Instagram Photo Downloader

This is the tool for you if you are looking for scheduling content & publishing. Incisive Instagram analytics are also available here – enabling you to get detailed updates about the performance of your recent posts. Sprout Social can also track comments & hashtags – thus allowing you to stay updated on your community and work out newer engagement options.

8. Iconosquare:

Instagram Iconosquare - Instadp.io - Instagram Photo Downloader

This app helps you to stay updated on engagement level of your followers and more detailed data on those followers who enjoy a particular influence in social media. Focus on them to reach out to a broader audience by making them influence marketing decisions in your favor.

This tool also helps to measure yourself against competitors, thereby making you understand where exactly you stand in the scheme of things in your industry domain.

9. Websta:

Instagram Websta - Instadp.io - Instagram Photo Downloader

Websta provides you simple analysis of your account’s growth & level of engagement. Additionally, it allows you to track down those hashtags which have performed well, among your intended audience. Plus, hashtags similar to the popular ones will be recommended to you to assist in your growth by targeting newer prospective audiences.

10. Hype Type:

Instagram Hype Type - Instadp.io - Instagram Photo Downloader

Many users don’t want sound while watching videos but still want the information being provided. For them, it would be great if the text could be animated on the video. This is the job done by Hype Type. So this tool is “must have” in your Instagram arsenal!


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